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I love trees and live among them on 160 acres in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. I discovered fractal art through John Briggs' book Fractals: Patterns of Chaos.

Cedar branch web

20x29½ inches
acrylic on board
$500 framed


I am intrigued by the continuum between chaos and order … from seemingly random forms to highly regular ornamental ones. Reading about fractals in nature, I see their patterns in the dead branches of an incense cedar. From their apparent randomness, a symmetric geometric star weaves itself into being.

Late afternoon sun glitters behind this welcoming live oak whose massive motherly branches protect the small cedar and me.

    Shining alive oak

28x22 inches
acrylic on paper
$250 unframed
Oak mantis

10x20 inches
acrylic on paper
$250 unframed
    Late afternoon shadows on the reddened trunk fascinated me as much as the oak's insect-like limbs.